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Live transmission directly to the monitor - always and everywhere

The VTQ camera system for sports, recreation and hunting enables optical tapping of images from spotting scopes, riflescopes, telescopes and similar optical systems - without obstructing the view through the optical devices.

With this system, you can easily turn your telescope into a camera to record your hunting or sporting activities.

  • SPECTIVE - nature watching, bird watching, target watching, biathlon
  • TELESCOPE - Stargazing
  • RIFLESCOPES - hunting, target shooting at the shooting range, biathlon

Our camera system is versatile and can be displayed on a large monitor via split screen if required. To extend the range of applications, we also offer a number of useful add-on devices, such as PTZ cameras (overview image), portable power supply solutions, or powerful video radio solutions for secure image transmission over longer distances.

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Camera features

  • Compact, rugged and weatherproof design 
  • High-quality optical elements for image reflection
  • Quick release mounting bracket (adaptable to different scope diameters).

Streaming Features

  • Connectivity for external monitors and / or recording devices via HD-SDI interface
  • Simultaneous capture, recording and display on external screens
  • Real-time transmission with up to 60 frames/s

Optional Features

  • higher range with additional devices
  • Wireless video transmission
  • Streaming to multiple devices

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