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All-round monitoring

Rugged video technology - stable radio transmission with low delay.
We bring images to the operator from every angle.

We plan and construct video transmission systems for you, which are adapted to harsh operating conditions in the industrial sector.

Areas of application here are video real-time transmissions from machines, cranes, unmanned vehicles to stationary or portable monitors. Regardless of whether just one camera or multi-camera systems with PTZ function, by radio or via cable - we have the right solution.

We offer you:

  • Video technology - from the small fixed camera to the powerful PTZ camera
  • Radio systems for ranges from a few meters to several 10 km
  • COFDM, analog - FM, WiFi or LTE based radio solutions, as required
  • Radio transmission with low delay for real-time control of vehicles and machines
  • Small, portable monitor solutions with telemetry control and battery supply or stationary monitor systems for control centers
  • Robust housing technology, for indoor or outdoor applications, also for harsh environmental conditions with large temperature ranges, sea water or desert use
  • Various video standards, adapted to your application with the appropriate peripheral components (CVBS / FBAS - analog, HD-SDI, AHD, network IP)


Have a look at our sample solutions and products. We are always there for you and we gladly take the time for a detailed advise.



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