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Safety for rail and road traffic

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Blind spots in the line of sight of the train driver on the platform, hidden danger areas when maneuvering - with our video radio technology we bring security in traffic and logistics.

There are often areas not visible to the train driver in the stop area of ​​S-Bahn, U-Bahn and trams. The train driver must be able to see the door area in particular to avoid accidents. Our video radio technology transmits the images from permanently installed cameras on the platform to the train driver's cab. Our devices have the certifications required for the railway sector.
In the logistics area, when maneuvering or reversing, they support our video technology by transmitting the images from areas that cannot be viewed. The camera technology can be permanently installed or mobile, e.g. mounted on the rear of a trailer.

We offer you:

  • Real-time video radio systems with a reliably low delay in image transmission
  • There are various technologies of video transmission to choose from (COFDM, analog - FM, WiFi), depending on the requirements, we plan the right technology for you
  • Certifications for use in the railway sector, on request we certify the devices according to your requirements
  • Extensive service, including preliminary tests in the field of application up to adaptation to your peripherals and individual device design


Have a look at our sample solutions and products. We are always there for you and we gladly take the time for a detailed advise.




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