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Civil Protection

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Stress, hectic pace and chaos - in dangerous situations time is valuable and a quick overview of the damage situation is crucial - with our powerful, self-sufficient video solutions, you can keep an overview. create an overview

We have developed high-performance video solutions for the needs of fire brigades and civil protection. Crucial here is a reliable, stable and network-independent radio transmission. High-resolution camera technology, optionally with a thermal camera, supports the emergency services.  

Our video technology offers you:

  • Compact, rugget pan-tilt system with high-resolution color and thermal camera
  • Powerful COFDM video radio technology for long ranges, even without viewing conditions
  • A connection to existing network structures is possible through IP technology
  • 4G / 5G option with image transmission to mobile devices such as notebooks, tablets, smartphones
  • Modular system consisting of different device configurations
  • Custom-made according to customer requirements


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VTQ Outdoor Commander EVOII

  • Full HD color camera, day / night switching
  • Pan and tilt function, 30x optical zoom
  • Powerful COFDM transmitter for long range also in urban areas
  • LTE router for remote access to the video streams

Applications: Our Outdoor Commander EVOII camera combines color and thermal camera systems and provides you with a complete overview of major loss events, accidents and other events.

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VTQ Control Case EVOII

  • Integrated Windows PC with recording function of the video images
  • Display of both video streams (color and thermal camera)
  • Well suited for twilight and poor lighting conditions

Applications: The Control Case EVOII, compact and robust, is up to all requirements. Thanks to the battery, you are not tied to any power grid. The Control Case EVOII also has interfaces for networking, e.g. in the command vehicle

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VTQ Base Station EVOII

  • COFMD IP video receiver with 2-way diversity reception system
  • Telemetry link for controlling the camera
  • Robust construction in a weatherproof aluminum housing

Applications: The Base Station EVOII serves as a remote radio system for the Control Case EVOII and can be universally mounted on turntable ladders, lifting masts, tripods and vehicles. Can be used in any weather thanks to the die-cast aluminum housing and antenna suitable for outdoor use

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VTQ Operator Control EVOII

  • Compact receiver unit with monitor and camera control
  • Weatherproof and robust aluminum housing
  • Different frequency ranges possible

Applications: Everything at a glance with the Operator Control EVOII you can switch between color and thermal image view or both at the same time. Pan, tilt or zoom the Outdoor Commander camera EVOII to increase your overall overview

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