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Our contribution to climate protection

VTQ goes green


Climate protection

Climate protection is everyone's business. VTQ also sees itself as having a responsibility to act, and not just since yesterday. For a long time, the company has been committed to constantly improving its eco-balance and has relied on modern solutions. In doing so, very significant efforts and investments were already made at a time when the topic of environmental protection was neither in the focus of the economy nor in the general public.


Efficient cooling  and heat recovery 

In the course of the construction of an intermediate production building, two deep wells with a depth of 75 m were drilled. The groundwater and stratum water is pumped via suction wells to heat exchangers to enable thermal equalization. The heat exchangers used ensure that the well water does not come into contact with the process water. The heated well water is discharged via another well with a depth of 75 m, and heat pumps support the energy-efficient cooling of the processes and the production building.

Subsequently, we turned our attention to our compressors, as there were repeated failures due to excessive heat generation. This gave rise to the consideration of whether this heat could not be put to good use. Our specialists took on the problem and developed their own system for recovering waste heat from the compressors. Of course, this is controlled by a VTQ solution. Since then, we have been using the waste heat from our compressors to heat water and heating.


Optimization  and retrofit

Subsequently, VTQ Videotronik GmbH continues to professionally address the issue of energy savings. Both the technical and commercial concerns are considered in extensive consultations, site visits and measurements. Finally, the resulting technical and commercial analysis reports were available. Immediately, we started to optimize the compressed air generation and changed our concept of compressor control.


Test and trial series on energy-efficient lighting followed. The development of LED technology continued to advance and LED light sources became more affordable. In 2013, a concept was drawn up that provided for the complete conversion to LED lighting. After the corresponding application for funding, the retrofits could be carried out in 2014. 

Savings per year

  kWh Carbon dioxide in t
Electricity 158.513 93,10
Gas 84.783 19,20
Total 243.296 112,30
Energy demand old plant:   154.031 kWh/a
Energy demand new plant:   71.281 kWh/a
Savings:   82.750 kWh/a (54%) ≙ 48,60 t Co²

VTQ thus achieves a reduction of 1910 t of carbon dioxide. To achieve the same effect of the usual useful life of 10 - 16 years, a forest with 1910 beech trees would have to be maintained for a period of 80 years.

further measures have followed since 2018 ..


- in a new heating system -

- in the optimization of the compressed air supply -

- in the compressed air leakage elimination -

- invested in the hydrogen plant for optimized nitrogen production -


Further investments for a clean future are pending.

Thank you for your interest! Stay green!

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