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Mobile Observation system

The MOS case is a basic device for mobile or stationary video surveillance tasks. The system is IP based and the video management software Multieye is pre-installed, incl. licenses for 2 - 4 IP cameras (depending on the basic recorder).

Almost all common IP cameras and IP PTZ cameras can be integrated into the software. The system is quickly ready for use, can be used in vehicles, homes, etc.. As power supply the enclosed 230V~ power supply, car 12V/24V on-board power supply or battery case are possible as an optional solution. An integrated LTE router allows live image views of all cameras incl. control, viewing and downloading of recordings as well as configuration of cameras and software via remote access.

  • IP video recorder with up to 10 IP channels as base unit
  • MULTIEYE video management software with Windows operating system
  • LTE router with WLAN, external antennas, specific model possible on request (e.g. Lancom)
  • Support for a wide range of camera manufacturers and models, PoE support

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The MOS-Case

  • Full HD LCD Monitor
  • integrated LTE router
  • Keyboard with touchpad
  • Integrated hard disk
VTQ-MOS Koffer
Seitenansicht des Objektivs der Kamera

The cameras

  • Compatible with all VTQ-IP cameras
  • Cameras Specifically for your application
  • Miniature cameras
  • PTZ-Cameras

VTQ-Battery case

  • LiFePO4 battery
  • Up to 2 weeks runtime (depending on camera configuration)
  • Robust housing
  • Integrated 230V charger
  • Capacity display

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