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Mobile operations control system

For more overview at the place of use, even in dangerous situations

Mobiles Einsatzleitsystem

Stress, hectic and chaos - in dangerous situations, time is precious and a quick overview of the damage situation is crucial - with our powerful, stand-alone video wireless solutions, you can keep track of everything.

We have developed powerful video wireless solutions for the needs of fire departments and disaster control. A reliable, stable and network-independent radio transmission is crucial here. High-resolution camera technology, optionally with thermal camera, supports the task forces

  • Powerful video wireless system with color zoom and thermal camera
  • Can be used on turntable ladders, lift masts, tripods or on vehicles
  • Robust, can be used in any weather, even in continuous operation
  • Forwarding via LTE router, directly from the camera
  • Integrated, powerful and self-sufficient radio system (COFDM) with high range and robust radio connection, thus independent of mobile radio networks
  • Optimal for providing a general overview of major emergencies, events, accidents and other incidents
  • Optimum networking options via IP interface (on base station)

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Our camera Outdoor Commander EVOII combines color and thermal camera systems and provides you with an overall view of major emergencies, events, accidents and other incidents. This allows you to react quickly to changing circumstances, and not only on site from the ELW. The integrated LTE modem, which is built directly into the waterproof housing, allows you to share your image with experts or, for example, with a crisis team. The camera is controlled via telemetry feedback channel. Our devices are suitable for continuous operation and can be universally mounted on turntable ladders, masts, tripods and vehicles.

VTQ-Outdoor Commander
VTQ-Control Case


The Control Case EVOII, compact and robust it is up to all requirements. Thanks to the rechargeable battery, you are not tied to a power supply. In addition, the Control Case EVOII has interfaces for networking, e.g.: in the command vehicle. The direct control of the camera ensures full control. The bright, daylight-compatible Full HD display is ideal for use in the use under the open sky. Switch between color and thermal image or both at the same time.


The Base Station EVOII serves as a remote radio system for the Control Case EVOII and can be universally mounted on turntable ladders, masts, tripods and vehicles. Can be used in any weather due to the die-cast aluminum housing and the antennas suitable for outdoor use. Incl. 10 m connection cable to the Control Case EVOII.

VTQ-Base Station
VTQ-Operator Control


Everything in view with the Operator Control EVOII switch between color & thermal image view or both at the same time. The bright, daylight Full HD display is ideal for outdoor use. You have full control. Pan, tilt or zoom the Outdoor Commander EVOII camera to increase its overall view. Complete their tasks without a direct line of sight in difficult viewing conditions or with obstacles blocking their view. The Operator Control is universally mountable on aerial ladders, masts, etc.

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