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Automatic Assembly

  • 5 state-of -the-art SMD-lines with flexible line concepts
  • production capacities for prototype up to large-scale production
  • SMD assembly of all standard components (BGA, QFP, Flipchip up to 0.3mm, SMD to 01005)
  • several assembly technologies (THT, Pin-in-Paste etc.)
  • force-controlled assembly of connectors and mechanical parts (ODD form)
  • state-of-the-art soldering systems (wave, reflow, selective, robot, vapour phase)
  • own nitrogen production for protective-gas soldering

Manual Assembly

  • conventional assembly of all components
  • ring handling system with laser controlled working places
  • Barcode-controlled double wave soldering machines with double spraying nozzle
  • separate sample assembly for prototype and small series
  • half automatic assembly system with rotating suppliers or paternoster systems
  • rework station for exchange of BGAs, QFPs etc without any hazards for the components (BGA – rebelling possibility)
  • Automatic dispenser for soldering pastes


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